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Checkride Rentals

ServicesCheckride Rentals
ServicesCheckride Rentals
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Checkride Rentals.

Aircraft Checkride Rentals

California Airways offers aircraft checkride rentals for pilots who have last minute aircraft changes and cannot find any other available aircraft for a FAA checkride. Whether the pilot’s aircraft is at in maintenance for its 100 hour check or unavailable due to technical issues, pilots who have endorsements for checkrides may rent California Airways aircraft for their FAA checkride.

To rent aircraft for FAA checkrides, pilots must show and complete the following:

  • Original logbook endorsement for the checkride;
  • Proof of renters insurance with a minimum of $20,000 physical damage liability coverage;
  • Fill out the California Airways membership application;

Because pilots scheduled for FAA checkrides are already competent in the aircraft they intend to use for the checkride, CFI checkouts will not be required.

Please contact California Airways at (510) 887-7686 to learn more.