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About CalAirJoin CalAir
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Join the CalAir Club.

It's FREE to join California Airways. (Other clubs charge initiation fees as high as $300!)  Our club dues are just $25per month, charged only in the months that you fly. Most clubs charge dues every month, whether you fly or not. And their dues are much higher.

Here's how to join:

1. Print and complete our Membership Application Form.

2. Print and keep a copy of the CalAir Club Rules.

3. Stop by our Office and give us your membership application. We normally approve your application immediately, so you can take your first flight right away.

4. If you are a US citizen, bring proof of citizenship (your passport, birth certificate, or other document that proves citizenship). Now, skip down to step #7 (below).

5. If you are not a US citizen, and you are seeking training for the sport, recreational, or private pilot certificates, instrument rating, or multiengine rating, you must complete the Transportation Security Administration's verification process. Visit the TSA web site and register as a "Candidate" for the Alien Flight Student Training Program. SelectCalifornia Airways, Inc. as your course provider. TSA approval must be granted before you begin training. TSA approval is required for all non-citizens, even if you have a green card.

6. If you are not a U.S. citizen, and you are not a legal U.S. resident, and you are seeking flight training, you will need both TSA approval and an M-1 student visa. We sponsor international students for the M-1 visa, and we will help you get TSA approval. For International Student Applications, click here.

If you aren't a US citizen or resident, but you are already a licensed pilot, and you simply wish to rent our aircraft without receiving training for one of the certificates or ratings listed above, you do not need TSA approval and you do not need a special visa. However, you will need to convert your foreign pilot certificate to a US FAA certificate. Click here for specific instructions.

7.) If you're already a licensed pilot, please follow these additional steps:

8.) Complete our written Initiation Test.

9.) Before you rent an aircraft solo, you must complete a Familiarization Sheet for each make and model of aircraft that you rent. You must also complete a checkout flight with a club CFI. Click Here for a full list of prerequisites for renting our aircraftor a full list of prerequisites for renting our aircraft.

To learn more, please call 510-887-7686, stop by our office or Contact Us via email.Contact Us via email.